GridX is more than just a drone seller.

We are a company providing system integration services in various fields of unmanned aerial vehicles, offering services to commercial clients and government agencies.

UAV Application


GridX offers system-integrated solutions for security systems and commercial applications that we can customise to meet your specific requirements.

Hardware Products: A wide range of hardware products such as sensors, controllers, measurement, and monitoring devices that can be tailored to specific needs and requirements using state-of-the-art unmanned aerial vehicles.

Software Solutions: Our software products are adaptable and can be used for management, monitoring, analytics, and system optimisation in various industries.

System Monitoring: We provide advanced solutions for monitoring and managing various systems, such as energy, industrial, and infrastructure systems, to ensure reliable and efficient operation.

High-quality real-time monitoring and detection solution adaptable for various industrial and infrastructure applications.

Adaptable solutions widely used for measuring, monitoring, and managing energy, water, and other resource consumption in commercial, industrial, and residential properties.